10 Cool Minecraft Statue Ideas (With Photos)

One of the many cool things that you can create in Minecraft is a statue. They can be made in either survival or creative mode, and they are generally not difficult to build depending on their size. They can be made of stone, wool, concrete or terracotta and even diamond blocks. It is up to the individual to decide what material they use, depending on the type of statue.

Most statues are inspired by some kind of living thing or metaphor, whether they’re in the game or real life. You can also build tools (pickaxes and axes as well as shovels and item drops like diamonds or emeralds). You could see living things such as Minecraft players, mobs, and animals. Metaphor statues are a representation of some kind of idea. For example, the Statue Of Liberty is a symbol of freedom and achievement.

Below is a list of 10 cool Minecraft statue designs.

1. Statue of Wolf Stone


This statue is larger and will take longer to construct, especially in survival mode. This statue could be used to build other animals, such as bears, deer, and llamas. You can use google to find a photo of the animal that you are interested in modeling and then copy it. This statue was built from stone, as is the case with most statues.

2. Poseidon Minecraft Statue


One neat idea to use the ocean is to make a statue. Poseidon, the Greek god and protector of the sea, is a great statue. This statue will be a welcome addition to any island or coastline.

This statue was constructed by the player using materials found at sea such as prismarine.

3. Diamond Pickaxe


A cool idea for a Minecraft statue is to create an item that’s already in the game. This statue shows a diamond pickaxe. It could be used to show that the player likes mining or that he/she has a store for mining supplies. You could also build a shovel or an axe.

4. Stone Golem


A player created a statue that was modeled after the minecraft mob. It is possible to create statues of other animals or mobs such as zombies and skeletons.

Tip: Blocks can be used to match the theme of the mob. Use bone blocks to make a skeleton. Use wool to make a sheep’s skeleton.

5. Horse Arches


Arches are a great way to get into a base. These arches are inspired by the Dothraki of Game of Thrones. They are made almost entirely of wood which makes them a rare material for making a statue. When placed in a Savannah, or another dry biome, the wood material looks great.

6. Courthouse Statue


A lady justice statue should be placed in front of every court building. The classic lady justice with its scales, sword and blindfold is shown in this photo. It serves as a metaphor for justice being fair and blind. You could make this statue smaller to scale with your own buildings.

This type of statue could also look great in other locations, such as right in front of a municipal hall (if there’s a ‘court’ area nearby).

7. Parrot


Another statue made in Minecraft after an animal. Parrots, a small animal found in Minecraft that can be tamed and made into a “mini statue”, are another example of a miniature creature. This one was created by McNoodlor. He is known for his simple and beautiful builds. You should check him out for more inspiration!

8. Mayan Minecraft Statue


Mayan is an interesting building style that Minecraft should consider. There are many Aztec/Mayan blocks that you can use with the jungle. You can see examples of chiseled stones, mossy cobblestone and vines. This pyramid is behind the statue which keeps the “mayan” theme alive.

9. Minecraft Mermaid Statue


This statue is amazing and took a lot of talent. Although it might be difficult for most players, it is still worth admiring it as inspiration. It might look better if the Mermaids faced each other (like an Arch). I think the mermaids would look amazing in front of a “swamp temple”.

A large statue like this is a great way to keep Minecraft survivors busy.

10. Player Archway


Another archway with statues depicting players. If you place a road underneath archways, they can be used as a way to enter any area. This one is difficult to survive on, as it is made of emeralds. I would recommend using a simpler material such as stone or quartz if you’re focusing on survival.

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