10 Minecraft Castle Ideas for 2022 (With Photos)

Castles are an fun thing that you can build in Minecraft. You can build them in either survival or creative modes. They come in many sizes and shapes. If you are thinking of building a huge Minecraft castle yourself, it is best to think twice. It is possible to get bored or frustrated and quit very quickly.

While a Minecraft castle can be built in many building styles they tend to be more medieval. This makes sense since castles date back to this period. Most medieval buildings will be made of stone, wood, or concrete. These materials are easily found on survival Minecraft. Quartz castles are a great alternative and look a little futuristic.

Most castles have at least one of the following basic parts: large walls and moats, bridges. You can choose which parts to include. To keep it interesting, I suggest having a mixture of all parts.

To make your castles look sharper, you should consider building castles with a texture pack.

This is our list with the top Minecraft castle ideas.

1. Small, Cozy Minecraft Castle


This simple and cute castle is my favorite. Because it’s small, almost anyone can make something similar. It is small but has a cozy feel and is very welcoming. Click on the “source” button to view the YouTube video with step-by-step instructions. It is small enough that you might consider using more expensive materials.

2. Medieval Minecraft Castle and Town


It is also a small castle with a village around it. This idea is great because it has a protected fortress and houses outside for others. This medieval castle is mainly made from stone and wooden, which makes it easy to survive.

3. Kenilworth (Real Castle).


This photo shows Kenilworth, an English castle. You can find a real castle on Google Images and then build it yourself. This is an example of what this method can do.

4. Golden Minecraft Castle on the Water


For creative mode Minecraft, a fancy castle built on the water is a great idea. This could be done on survival but it would require a lot of effort. This project might be more challenging if there are several players on the server.

This build was inspired by a castle from the Shrek movies.

5. Winter Castle on a Hill


For those in colder areas, a cozy and warm castle built on a hill is a great idea. This castle was inspired by Game of Thrones, and might be a great idea for those who love the show!

6. French Castle with Gardens


French castles are famous for their beautiful gardens, large open spaces, and stunning architecture. Consider a large garden area with water fountains to be located at the back or front of your castle. This would be a stunning view from your castle bedroom.

7. Fortress Castle


Protecting yourself is easy with a fortress that has many walls and other defensive structures. A fortress will protect your valuables whether it is on a server that is PvP against players or mobs.

8. Castle Carved into Mountainside


This castle is built into a mountain side. Your castle will be hidden a little from the mountain’s other side. This can either be a good thing or a bad thing. This is bad if your castle is visible, but good if it’s hidden from others.

This type of castle can be used to build underground tunnels all over the mountain. You can build a network of tunnels that will allow you to add items such as farms, corridors, storage areas, web portals and many other things.

You can make a mob-spawning farm if there is an dungeon on the mountain.

9. Medieval Minecraft Castle with a Gate


This castle is quite basic, but I love the gate. The front door has a small bridge/walkway. This is a great place to construct a water moat or lava to protect your home from uninvited mobs and players.

The castle has an outdoor space that can be used as a patio right after you enter. The courtyard is a great decoration outside of the buildings.

10. Large Courtyard and Garden


This house has a large open courtyard and a garden. These walls are quite far from the main buildings, and offer a lot of space to do things like breeding or farming animals. This is a great option if you have large open areas.

Terraforming (flattening grass) is a good idea if your land is very bumpy. This is especially important if you’re in survival mode.

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