6 Challenges For Minecraft Survival Mode

A challenge in survival Minecraft can add excitement and fun to the game. To make the game more challenging, you can add rules or objectives to the game.

One example of a challenge could be to play in lava oceans, or not being allowed use diamond tools.

It may seem odd to you that I make the game more difficult for myself. The normal game can become boring for experienced players who know the rules and never lose in the game. You can make it more difficult and force yourself to think differently to achieve your goals.

Older games are increasingly using challenges, and Runescape even added an iron man challenge mode for players.

This article will cover some of the more difficult and basic challenges that Minecraft players have tried. These survival challenges will bring you more enjoyment from Minecraft if you are getting bored.

1. Survival Island Challenge

The oldest challenge in Minecraft is to spawn on an isolated island in the middle of a large ocean. This island is small enough that you must do all of your Minecraft gameplay there (except mining and visiting the nether). For a Minecraft 1.12 survival island seed, try “-3057195824021022322” (source: reddit). These are some examples of rules and objectives that you can use to build your island.

  • It is impossible to make an island bigger by adding more blocks. Use what you spawn.
  • It is forbidden to move from the island or establish a second base. All your building and farming must be done on the island.
  • Underground mining is permitted, but you must return to the same place you came from.
  • Long-term goals should include building with nether bricks or quartz. You will have to go into the nether to find materials.
  • Other objectives include obtaining a netherstar and making a beacon or defeating the ender Dragon, as well as mining lots of diamonds.

2. Skyblock

Skyblock is a game that almost everyone has played Minecraft. Skyblock is essentially a small piece of land that you can expand and build your base on. Players will often create multiple floating islands and link them with bridges.

If you’re up for the challenge, it’s a fun and exciting version of Minecraft. Skyblock is a great server to play on. You can make friends and invite others to your island in the sky.

You might be interested in modded skyblocks (modded Minecraft) such as agrarian skies or Sky Factory.

3. HermitCraft

Skyblock is similar to HermitCraft, except that you only need one 16×16 piece of material in HermitCraft. You must play the game with as little resources as possible and try to find the nether and kill ender dragons. If you are brave enough to explore the world, there is another 16×16 piece.

You can download the map from the HermitCraft webpage. Below is an example of gameplay.

4. Generation of a Customized World

Minecraft updates now let you customize the way worlds are created. There are many ways to make Minecraft more challenging, such as replacing oceans with lava or playing on superflat. For a complete listing of customizable world options, visit MinecraftWiki.

5. City Construction Challenge

This challenge requires you to build a city entirely from scratch using survival mode. By completing specific requirements, you’ll be able to move through the stages.

You can’t use wood tools at first, but you will unlock more tools as you build your city. You should have a large city by the end of this challenge. Check out this list of Minecraft items you can add to your city if you are stuck for ideas.

You can find all information about the challenge created by Iamchris27 in the original forum post.

You can watch the video below to see a player complete the challenge.

6. The Hardcore Survival Minecraft Challenge

Hardcore mode is a great option if you are up for a challenging challenge. Hardcore mode gives the player one life, and they cannot respawn after death. Hardcore mode is not suitable for everyone. Some people may find it unfair that they lose all their progress after dying an unjust death (such as being blown up by creepers). If you are bored with the regular game, hardcore mode can be a great alternative. It adds an extra layer of difficulty and excitement.

The hardcore mode must be set up when the world is created. It can normally not be activated in an already existing world. This mode is also available for multiplayer worlds. has more information about hardcore mode. You can find it on the wiki.

More Minecraft Challenges

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