8 Underground Base Ideas and Designs for Minecraft

It’s a great way to store your items and build a home in Minecraft. Underground survival is more difficult because you’ll need to dig up rooms and hallways. However, there are clever ways to build underground more easily like efficiency enchants and beacon buffs.

You can choose to have the entire base underground or a small portion. You could, for example, build a cottage on the land and then use a ladder to access a storage vault. You could also build a hidden trapdoor that leads to a huge base with storage, housing and an enchanting nook.

You may find yourself bored of building the same base each time you play Minecraft. Building underground can bring out your creativity and excitement.

These are the pros and cons of creating an underground base for survival Minecraft.

The benefits of underground bases

  • It is kept secret from the rest of the world and other players, which gives it a unique and mysterious theme. This can be a benefit on PvP multiplayer servers, where players can steal your base or grief it.
  • Sometimes, they are more creative and unique than the standard buildings and houses on land.
  • Access to cobblestone and ores is easy.

Cons of underground bases

  • Natural sunlight does not require a lot lighting, such as lamps or torches. Monsters can spawn wherever there is darkness, even in the “daytime”.
  • It can be more difficult for trees to be grown due to their height requirements.
  • It may take a lot of digging to clean out hallways and rooms.
  • Access to wildlife, dirt, flowers and other resources on the ground is less. If you build below the surface, this may not matter as much.
  • There are often more mobs near you, which means there is a higher chance of mobspawners and mob dungeons.

We have put together the best underground bases to inspire you. Here are our favorite designs:

1. Base Underground with Storage


This underground base design features a storage area with an enchanting nook in its middle. You will notice the extensive use of glowstones and torches to make sure that mobs don’t spawn and that the area is properly lit.

2. Large Cave Village


This large underground base was built within an existing cave network. It is naturally generated. To give it the appearance of an underground village, the builder used a lot of vegetation, water, trees, and vines.

3. Semi-Underground Base


This unique underground base is a new take on the traditional underground base. It is below the ground but not covered with dirt or stones. Except for some glass, it is completely exposed to the ground above.

4. Modern Underground Base


Modern base but underground? Look no further! This base, built by WiederDude, is an excellent take on a luxury apartment. It’s also underground. It even has an secret entrance!

5. Tiny Underground House


This is the perfect design for a simple, underground Minecraft house. This Minecraft house features an underground room with a glass roof that allows for natural sunlight. Be on the lookout for monsters that may be walking on top of this glass at night!

6. Large Underground Base


This Reddit user created a fantastic design for this underground room in progress. This room could be used as a hall, throne, or grand entrance into an underground base.

7. Underground Room (With Tall Ceilings).


This grand underground room features stone brick walls, water features and gardens. These larger structures are often difficult to light and tend to be darker. This would require a lot of effort in survival mode. It may not be the best choice for creative work unless you are looking for a challenge.

8. Basic Underground Minecraft House

This video shows how to build an underground Minecraft house. This house has a small farm, a bedroom and a storage area. It also includes an entry hall. This simple, yet elegant underground house can be built in survival Minecraft.

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