8 Amazing Minecraft Library Designs

You can build so many things in Minecraft. A library is a great addition to any town or home. Libraries come in many shapes and sizes. You should consider the overall size of your library, as well as how many floors you have, their basements and any enchanting areas.

Before you start building, it is important to have an idea of the scope of your project. This will help you save time. Consider whether you need a separate library building or if your home’s storage area is enough.

These design elements will be found in most Minecraft libraries.

  • Use darker wood tones and, of course, book shelf blocks.
  • Glowstone can often be made to look like lamps using signs and fences (cozier than torches).
  • Indoor plants can be used as hedges or as whole trees for centerpieces.
  • Atriums in the central area and/or corridors.
  • Wooden stairs can be used to create benches and tables for studying.
  • An area for practical purposes (brewing, magic, etc.
  • Modern libraries will make extensive usage of glass and white tones in their library.
  • Multiple floors with balconies or walkways inside.

This article will show you examples of Minecraft libraries that other players have created (survival and creative), to inspire your own library.

1. Simple Wooden Library


This compact, mostly wooden library has two floors. The bridges and central tree ornament are notable. Glowstone is used on top of the fences to create a warm lighting environment. There are benches downstairs for people to study, as well as hedges made from leaves and glowstone hanging from ceiling.

2. Fancy Minecraft Library


This design features a longer hallway with bookcases at the ends. You can “get your books” by going to the side, and then returning to the middle to read them. Every nook can have different purposes. One branch could be used for magic, while another is for potion making.

To create a cozy atmosphere, glowstone lamps are used again.

3. Large Library with Exterior


This is an example building that could be used for a Minecraft library. The design is reminiscent of many historical government buildings and almost resembles the New York Stock Exchange or Roman Pantheon with its columns, staircases, and front.

4. Bookcases and tall ceilings


Cool library design techniques include a large ceiling and rows of bookcases that do not reach the ceiling. This creates the illusion of a large building and is similar to what grocery stores use. Imagine a grocery store with aisles that reach the ceiling. However, you can still see the entire store from the inside.

5. Underground Cozy Library


This underground Minecraft library features many common themes, including glowstone lamps and rows of bookcases. It also uses wooden paneling and columns. Although it appears that the library is only one floor, there’s an area above ground that could be a living space. This library design has a cozy feel thanks to its use of stairs for benches as well as leaves for hedges.

6. Another tall layout for a Minecraft Library

The library layout features tall bookcases that reach the ceiling. There are also apparent walkways that allow access to books at different heights. There are also tables with glowstone lighting and reading areas at the bottom of this library.

This design might benefit from dark wood tones, grasshives, or even fireplaces.

7. Design of a Highschool Library


This is a more real-life version of a Minecraft library. It looks like one you would find in a high school or public library. This design is defined by the green carpet, light fluorescent lighting, glass columns, support columns, and white ceiling. You will not find “medieval” elements like stone, wood, or fireplaces in this design.

8. Modern Minecraft Library


This library is a good example of what you might find in a larger area. It uses modern design elements such as white tones and large amounts of glass. There are multiple floors with some floors featuring the entire wall of glass.

Are there any other ideas you might have for library design? Please comment below!

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