10 Awesome Android and iPhone Apps for Busy Moms

Being a mom is a tough job—whether your child is three months, three years, or 13 years old, they keep you on your toes. To go along with the job of parenting is the task of keeping your household moving smoothly too. So there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help to keep your family and home in check.

Thanks to technology, we moms can get a helping hand when we need it. From keeping the family organized to assigning chores and handling the shopping, here are 10 apps any mom would love.

1. Family Organizer by Picniic

Family organizers are terrific tools for keeping everything in order. And the Family Organizer by Picniic app is a great choice thanks to these features:

  • Use the real-time family locator with notifications for leaving and arriving.
  • Share your family calendar with import options and reminders.
  • Create shareable lists for to-dos and shopping.
  • Store recipes and use the meal planner with a handy search feature.
  • Use the Info Locker for important items like insurance papers, medical records, and emergency contacts.

Family Organizer by Picniic doesn’t stop there. You can check out integrations with other apps, media reviews, parental controls, and more.

2. Our Groceries Shopping List

Our Groceries is a definite favorite when it comes to shopping list apps. For groceries, household goods, or gifts, the app offers the features you need to stay on top of your shopping. These include:

  • Share lists so anyone in the house can pick up what you need.
  • Create multiple lists for various types of shopping.
  • Organize items by category or aisle for simpler shopping.
  • Add photos and scan bar codes to make sure you get the exact items you want.
  • Pop the ingredients for a recipe right onto your shopping list with a tap.

You can easily mark items off your list as you pick them up, then unmark them to put them back for next time. Our Groceries also works with Apple Watch for a hands-free option.

3. ShopSavvy

With ShopSavvy, you can make sure you’re getting the best price for the products you buy. From food to futons, you can search for tons of products, compare prices

  • Scan a barcode or QR code, or enter a keyword, for instant details and retailers to compare prices.
  • Receive alerts on price drops and discounts from major stores like Walmart, Amazon, Target, and Walgreens.
  • Tap to head to the retailer’s online store right from the app.

ShopSavvy can not only help you find the best prices on the products you want or need, but gives you a quick way to catch a great deal.

4. S’moresUp

No one enjoys doing chores, especially kids. Thus, using an app that helps you create recurring chores, assign them, and keep track of everything is essential for many households. This is why you should take a peek at S’moresUp:

  • Set up chores or select built-in chores to do once or on a daily or weekly schedule.
  • Assign chores and create reminders so nobody forgets.
  • Track all chores from assigned to unassigned in one handy spot.
  • Manage rewards, awards, and progress for your child’s allowance.

S’moresUp offers extra features you might like, such as a family calendar, separate profile pages for each family member, and a S’moresUp Community to connect with other parents.

5. TaskRabbit

Sometimes that helping hand has to come from someone outside your home; that’s when you need TaskRabbit. The app connects you with “Taskers” who help you get work done, from repairs to errands to shopping. With the app:

  • Enjoy a simple process: select a task, see a list of Taskers, choose someone, and you’re done.
  • Choose from popular tasks like no-contact errands, shopping, cleaning, moving, furniture assembly, home repair, or yard work.
  • Chat with Taskers regarding your task and get same-day help in many cases.

TaskRabbit offers a trusted list of Taskers, clear pricing, and support options via email, chat, and phone.

6. CareZone

If you have a health condition or care for a loved one who has one, take a look at CareZone. This app helps simplify managing medications for all types of conditions with these features:

  • Take photos of medications and have the details automatically populate.
  • Receive reminders to take medications or order refills for prescriptions.
  • Record health information for sleep, weight, or blood glucose.
  • Use the journal for tracking symptoms and sharing updates with family.
  • Keep up with appointments and print or share them with the built-in calendar.

CareZone also provides a community for connecting with others, a to-do list for assigning tasks, and a section for contacts like family members, physicians, and pharmacies.

7. Common Sense Media

If you want to get quick details on whether an app, book, movie, or game is appropriate for your child, get the Common Sense Media app. With it, you can:

  • Get ratings and reviews for all types of media, from apps to games to websites, based on age.
  • Search by media type or item title.
  • Read the guides or check the comments for other parents’ opinions.
  • Check out the lists created by the Common Sense Media experts.

For an unknown reason, the app is not available on iOS at the time of writing. Until it’s available again, iPhone and iPad users can visit the Common Sense Media website for the same information.

8. Keepy

Holding onto those amazing drawings and artwork that your child creates can become difficult since these items are easily lost. Keepy is an app that helps parents keep those memories in one safe spot. With Keepy, you can:

  • Organize artwork, report cards, and schoolwork and then share privately with other family members.
  • Upload photos, videos, and notes for each child.
  • Print memories as special gifts for family or friends.
  • Invite others to comment and share their love via email, web, or phone.
  • View a timeline with your child’s memories that you can enjoy together.

Keepy syncs with Dropbox, offers a private Keepy website for your family, and helps ensure you’ll never lose or forget those physical items.

9. FitMama

Staying healthy and fit is important, but unfortunately we all don’t have the time for extensive workouts or the money for gym equipment. FitMama is a terrific way to exercise with home workouts

  • Try the five or 10-minute Superset exercises when you have a few minutes of free time.
  • Zoom in on what needs the most work from your lower, middle, or upper body.
  • Choose the pace that’s best for you from slow, medium, or fast.
  • Track your progress and share your achievements on social media.

FitMama gives you audio and video guides with instructions and prompts to help you do the workouts correctly. You can tone, tighten, and shape up your body with just a few minutes each day.

10. Sprout Pregnancy

If you have another bundle of joy on the way, keep track of your health and your growing baby with Sprout Pregnancy:

  • Read and view daily and weekly information about your baby’s development.
  • Enjoy using the personalized pregnancy timeline.
  • Use tools to track your weight, count your baby’s kicks, and time your contractions when the day arrives.
  • Hold onto all the details with an iCloud backup.

When you’re expecting a little one, keeping track of your baby’s development is not only helpful but exciting. And Sprout Pregnancy gives you an easy way to do that and more.

Mom’s Little Helpers

Each app on this list is useful for any busy mom. Whether you just need help tracking chores or could use a full family organizer, there’s a helper here for you.

For other ways technology can help in your life, check out this list of tech hacks for busy moms.

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