10 Best Auto Clicker Apps For Android & iOS

These are the Top 10 Auto Clicker Apps for Android & iOS.

10 Best Auto Clicker Apps for Android & iOS

1. Auto Clicker – Tapping

“Auto clicker allows you to do repeated tap, swipe actions at any location on the screen at any time you specify.

The floating control panel makes it easy to control the automatic clicking.
This control panel allows you to add any click point or swipe action to the screen and stop/start the automatic tap.

You can keep your game open by tapping the same button repeatedly. Auto clicker will assist you.

Autoclicker doesn’t require root to work with full-screen apps.
Accessibility service is required for this app to function.

The instructions we gave make Auto Clicker easier to use.

– The user interface is simple to use.
– Support swipe actions, click points
– Save the configuration for next time.
– Stop function support

Image resource is provided by https://www.flaticon.com/”

2. Auto Clicker

Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker,Easy Touch app with click onetime on your mobile screen and it will automatically touch at a specific time interval on your mobile screen. application will then repeat taps at any location from your mobile device. Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker,Easy Touch App which provides a floating point. Simply tap the start button to automatically display a floating point. This will allow you to control your click. Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker,Easy Touch allows users to select a Click duration to achieve perfect click durations. It also has the option to set Click Counts.app. You can use it to control your click, or when you are in a game. Just one tap and it will automatically click on your screen with your Click duration. FEATURES OF AUTO CLICKER – Automatic Clicker.Easy Touch: _Friendly interface design _Reliable clicks at once _Specify Click duration _Special floating point to control clicker. _Use it while you’re playing a game.

3. Auto Clicker – Automatic tap Pro


4. “Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Simple Touch”

This will allow you to make fast or slow clicks at a specific time. Auto Clicker – Automatic Tapper, Simple Touch application. It allows you to click once on your mobile screen or it will automatically tap at a time interval on your mobile screen. The application will automatically repeat taps anywhere on your mobile device.

Auto clicker – Automatic tapper, Easy Touch app that provides a floating point for users. Simply tap on the start button to automatically give users float point. You can also set click counts and click durations. It can be used when you need to tap continuously on your mobile screen in perfect timing.

This Auto Clicker-Automatic Tapper, Easy Touch application is perfect for you. Simply set the duration, clicks or interval between clicks and then start using it with your chosen timing. We also have an instructional video that will help you to use Auto Tap.

Float Point offers many options such as

One click to add -add target to your selection
Remove -allow to eliminate target point
Target -target to count your click
Auto Click -Play -one tap
Play auto-click while you stop -allow you to stop if necessary
Mobile -float: This is a mobile option that allows you to move your screen.


_Friendly UX design
The app is easy to use
_No root required
_ Get a quick click at once
_Specify the duration of your click
_Special floating point to control clicker
_Use whenever
_Use this while you’re playing a game
Use it as long as you have to clicks
_Allow instructions for using float
“Float” will move on your device without any finger touch.

5. Auto Clicker – Easy Touch

“Easy Android Auto Clicker – Virtual Home key and Virtual Volume key, quick touch for changing volume – Go to all settings very quickly with a touch. – Great for broken touch screens. – Easy Touch can be reviewed and given 5 start. – Language support : English & Vietnamese

6. Auto Clicker – Automated Clicker and Tapper

“Auto Clicker” – Automatic Clicker and Tapper app which allows you to use clicks at your preferred time interval. Users can also use the Auto click option, which makes it easy for you to touch. Simply tap on a different mode, such as single target mode or multi-target mode, and you can touch your screen with just one touch. To use this app, you don’t need to log in or register. All you have to do is allow permissions from the settings. Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker & Tapper has an adjustable target mode that allows you to touch and move any side of your mobile device while you play a game or need to continue clicking. Simply select target mode and click on the play button to start clicking. The app allows users to choose specific counts and set them in their own way. Auto Clicker – Automatic Clicker and Tapper allows you to choose between two types of targets: MULTITARGET MODE and SINGLE TARGET. Multi-Target Mode lets you swipe your screen by simply drawing two points. Then, you just need to press the play button to have it swipe your screen. The app allows you to receive instruction on how to use each target mode. This will make your experience with the app even easier. Features of Auto Clicker-Automatic Clicker and Tapper _Get a fast click at once _Specify click duration _Moveable float point for easier touch _Automatic repeat tapping with your choice timing _Options to adjust clicks per second _Use while playing a game to adjust clicks intervals _Friendly interface design _Use the app anytime _No root required

7. Auto Clicker – Super Fast

It’s the fastest auto-clicker anywhere in the world. It is the fastest auto-clicker in the world. Be one of the first to try it. You can use these functions if you have purchased a paid item. Multitarget up to 48. Save Target upto 10. Swipe Target Up to 48. Ad-free Enjoy more fun. Excite more people with your imagination. Autoclicker can help.

8. Auto Clicker: Super Fast Tapping

This will help you become a smart device user and gamer. Auto Clicker : Super Fast Tapping application. This app gives users the ability to repeat clicks with just one click. Users can also choose their timing and target point.

NOW, WHY ARE YOU wasting your time on finding another app. This Auto Klicker – Super Fast Tapping App has all the amazing features to simplify your touch. Click once on your mobile screen to automatically tap at a time interval. The application will automatically continue taps at any location on your mobile device. It’s easy to count any calculation by using the app. Simply place your pointer in the calculation digits and tap on play button. The application will automatically repeat your calculation on-screen.

Autoclicker – Super Fast Tapping App which allows you to adjust the speed of your mobile’s auto swap.

Auto Clicker: This app allows users to save settings so that you can access them whenever you need to. It has many saving slots that make it easy to manage your tapping with just one click. App with it you can use when you need it to continuously tap on your mobile screen with perfect timing.


_Get a quick click at once
_Specify the duration of your click
Save a Clicking for future use with other Slots
To make your touch easier, _Movebale floating point
_Allow instruction to be used in a clearer manner
_Special floating point to control clicker
_Easily swipe the screen using the auto-swipe feature
_Automatic repeat taps at the time of your choosing
_Option for adjusting clicks per second
_Use this while you’re playing a game
_Option to specify a time interval for clicks
_Friendly UX design
The app is easy to use
_No root required
_Use anytime”

9. Auto Tapping – Auto Clicker

“Auto Clicker-Auto Tapping” has the special option of setting click duration. This allows you to control how long it takes to click. You can click once on your mobile screen to have it automatically tap at a specific time interval. Auto Clicker – Auto Tapping will repeat taps at any location on your mobile device. This is useful when you’re playing a game, or need to tap continuously on the screen. Auto Clicker – Auto Tapping allows you to swap your mobile screen in a perfect area. This app also lets users instruct how to float points with certain options. This application will make your mobile experience easier. You can use this app to make your mobile touch more intuitive.

10. HabiTap-Auto Clicker No Root Automated Tapping

” This APP DOES NOT WORK ON ANDROID 7 OR HIGHER. This is beyond our control, older ANDROID phones do not support the NO-ROOT method.

HabiTap (automatic clicker, auto clicker) can tap on a point on your screen repeatedly. It is designed for people with disabilities like partial paralysis or carpal tunnel syndrome. Features:

Multi-point Automatic Recorder
To automatically tap (auto-click) in your favorite apps or games, you can record different positions.

Single-point tap
Tap on a single spot at a speed that you can control.

Dual-point Tap
Tap two spots at a time you can control.

No-Root, Ad-Free
This app doesn’t require root. It is free and does not contain ads. It works only with Android 7 (Nougat), and your device does not need to be rooted. It works with 90% of the apps and games available on the market as well as the basic android system. HabiTap pro offers an optional upgrade that allows dual-pointer mode.

Do you tap frequently? Then get HabiTap today…”

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