10 Best Cut And Paste Photo Apps For Android & iOS

These are the Top 10 Cut and Paste Photo Apps for Android & iOS.

10 Best Cut and Paste Photo Apps for Android & iOS

1. Cut Paste Photos

“Change your photo background in one click.

You can copy or cut people, animals, cars and backgrounds from other photos to create photo collages.

You can swap your faces. You can cut one face and place it on the other. Do you want to remove the background from your photo? You can remove the people and place them on a background. You want to delete people from photos? This app is for you.

Are you missing someone from a family picture? You can add them to photos without professional photo editing tools. This is the best tool to copy and paste photos.

Cut Paste Photos includes 100+ photo editing tools. The main photo tools
1. Cut Photos with AI Background Editor: Remove background from photos and cut people or pets. Auto Background Eraser instantly removes background and gives you photos that you can put on any background.

2. Copy Photos with Manual Copy. To copy photos, use our Manual Photo Cut tool to precisely cut the parts you need. Perfect for Face Swap or Face Changer. Swap faces by taking a photo and placing it over another.

3. Advanced Photo Editor: Cut photos to sharpen and exact edges. This tool is ideal for removing people or objects from photos.

4. Paste on Photos: Copy the cut photos to any background from your gallery. You can add yourself to famous photos or with famous people.

5. Photo Collages: You can create your own collages using cut photos and our backgrounds. Or, you can use the grids to create freeform collages.

6. Color Pop: To highlight the most important parts of a photo, use our color splash tool to keep it rich in color and change the rest to black or white.

7. Photo Clone: To create a fun clone effect, paste multiple copies of the same person in your photos. Motion Effect and Clone are both great options to create clone photos in a variety of styles. Photo Mirror effects show mirrored people in photos.

8. Text in Photo: Our advanced text editor allows you to add text to photos and convert photos into text. Text On Photos and Collages includes a variety of fonts, textures and advanced text styles.

Double Exposure: This tool allows you to create double exposure effects quickly. Double exposure for scenic photos of nature.

10. Photo filters: Use photo filters to create amazing Cut Paste Photos effects, including over 100 photo filters. The Cut Paste Photo editor tools allow you to transform images like Flip Photo Vertically or Flip Photo Horizontally.

11. Photo Collage editor: Photo Collage Editor now includes Cut Paste Photos. You can add cut and pasted photos, enhance them with Text on Images and draw on Photo Collages.

Photo Source: The Cut Paste Photo Effect allows you to choose photos from both our extensive image search and your device gallery. Image Search allows you to search for photos on the internet and then cut and paste them in your Photo Collage Editor.

Photo Stickers: The app includes 1000’s of photo stickers.

You can easily cut and paste photos using advanced tools such as Advanced Photo Editor, Magnifying Glass and Collage Maker. This will allow you to create photo collages and stunning photos. You can now change your photo background with just one click.

2. Cut Cut Cut – Photo Background Editor & Cutout

Cut Cut is the most professional and effective photo editor. You can download, edit, and share a variety of backgrounds and filters to customize WhatsApp status.

You can get many amazing features from Cut Cut:
Gun Cutout backgroundsGun FiltersGun Stickers Gun
Gun 200+ FiltersGun 15+ Edit toolsGun Love & Motivational quotesGun
Gun Good morningGun Good nightGun ShayarisGun

== Smart Cutout ==
Use AI Auto Select to automatically cut out images and then paste them on other images or backgrounds.
Combine your cutouts to create funny and unique images.
For background cutting and removal of finger rub background, use a manual eraser.

== Special WhatsApp Status
To create your WhatsApp status, use our stunning status images and popular good morning, good evening, motivational, love and wishes text.
You can share images via WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram at any time.

== Multiple Stickers ==
Huge selection of stickers – Stickers can make your images more interesting.
Romantic, Fun stickers. Emotion, Words. Food. Festival. Man’s Do stickers.

Professional Image Edit: Filter and Art Filter. Adjust, Crop. Rotate. Mosaic. Brush. Blur.
Make your creations and share them with the world to make you popular.

Get it now! Only the Best Photo Editing App for You
Edit, Share, and Enjoy Your Life

—-Contact us—-
Email: cutcutcut.service@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cutcutcamera/”

3. Cut Paste Photos Pro Edit Chop

“The cutting-edge Cut and Paste photo app allows you to combine multiple photos and merge them.



These amazing features include:
Rotate, Scale and Flip. Duplicate and other photo editing tools
– Simple to use photo cutter/crop tool
– Use your Camera or Photo Roll to take photos
– Take multiple photos and combine them into one photo
Choose from 40+ ready backgrounds
– Save edited photos to the Camera Roll
Photo sharing to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter
Send photos via email
Stunning graphics
Universal app that works with iPhone, iPod, and iPad

Cut Paste Photos Pro Premium Subscription:
With a paid subscription, you can access all the app features, including all stickers and emojis. You can also remove ads, make unlimited cuts, and much more.

There are three paid subscriptions available:
-Monthly at $5.99, or equivalent
Quarterly at $11.99, or equivalent
-Annually $34.99 or an equivalent
* Prices subject to change. Please refer to the app for exact prices.

The -Cut Paste Photos Pro app offers a free 3 day trial. This allows you to view all features and stickers as well as unlimited cuts and remove ads. After the free trial ends, you will be charged $11.99 for the quarterly plan. If you cancel your free trial before the expiration of the free period, any remaining free time will be forfeited.

You can cancel or manage any paid subscriptions through your iTunes account settings. You can also disable auto-renewal via your iTunes account settings.

Your account will be charged for the renewal of the selected subscription within 24 hours of the end of your current subscription period.

-Cancellation during active subscription period is not possible

Paid subscriptions automatically renew within 24 hours of the expiration of the current active subscription period.

Prices for paid subscriptions can vary depending on where you live. At the time you make your first purchase, the actual amount will be displayed in your local currency.

The following links will take you to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use:
Privacy policy

Conditions of Use:

We are available to answer any questions you may have.

We appreciate your rating for the app.


4. “PhotoLayers~ Superimpose, Background Eraser”

“This application is for creating beautiful photomontages.

This app features the amazing ability to make the unneeded areas of an image transparent.
( Background Eraser )

To create a photomontage, you can combine up 11 photos at once.

The app has the ability to change the color of an image and make it more appealing.

This app can help you become a great artist!

5. Cupace

” Cupace is a simple photo editor that allows you to cut and paste faces into a photo. You can make memes, funny photos, and swap faces in photos by cutting a face or part of a photo and then pasting it to another. You can also add text to photos and stickers.

These are the features:

Cut Face
1. Cut mode: Draw a path across a face using a magnifying glass support in photos.
2. Zoom mode: Zoom in on the face that you wish to crop in photos.

Face Gallery
Face Gallery will save all of the faces that have been cropped. You can reuse them on multiple photos, without having to remove it from the original.

Paste Face
1. Faces: All faces in the Face Gallery will appear here. To paste the face to your current photos, you just need to tap on it. You can also add the same face to multiple photos.
2. Photo : You can include a photo in a photo.
3. Sticker: You can add stickers to your photo using emojis.
4. Text – Add text to your photograph

You can also save your photo to share on social media such as Instagram, Path and Telegram.

6. Paste for Auto Photo Cut

“Auto Photo Cut Paste” is a NextGen Cut Paste Photo Editor App that allows you to automatically cut any part of an image with Auto Selection tool, and then paste it onto another image or background.

Auto Photo Cut Paste is a quick and simple method to create stunning custom photos. Simply touch the area you wish to erase from a picture. Auto Cut Paste will detect all areas of the picture using color detection. It will then erase the entire area so you can use that image in any other picture.

Auto Photo Cut Paste includes many professional tools for photo editing such as:

– Auto Erase: For one-touch background removal

– Manual Erase: For traditional background removal (finger rub)

– Lasso: to erase the background of area selection

– Restore: for finger rub background retrieval

– Undo, Redo & Zoom: for accurate result


***** Face Swap – Copy one face and place it on the other

***** Replace photo background with background of your choice

***** Take out the people and place them on a background

***** Take one photo of a cropped animal face and place it on top of the photo of a friend

***** Share your creations with family and friends on all social networking sites

Perfect for: Face Swaps, Cut Paste Photos and Photo Editing. Photo Background Changer, Photo Background Eraser. Copy Paste Photos.

7. MagiCut – Cut and Paste Photos

Photo editor with background remover. MagiCut lets you create a background for your photo from anywhere. This app allows you to edit your photos background like a pro.

Selfie Face Application – Create your own beauty look.
3D Animation Effects Use the 3D Toon app to create cartoons.
Take out the Sky and replace it with any background.
Magic Brush Bokeh effect using magic brush tools
Mosaic – You can do a simple photo mosaic.
Remove Objects Use the magic brush for any objects that you don’t like in your photo.
Collage Maker There are many grids and frames to choose from.
Professional Adjustment-Repair old photos.
Photo Editor: Provides useful editing tools to meet all your needs.
Text Editing: You can choose any font or just draw on the screen.

Smart CutOut
MagiCut makes it easy to create amazing photos. Auto cut and past will automatically select and remove objects from detect. You can then paste them onto any background. You can use montage editing to place yourself in the shoes of any celebrity or teleport to any part of the globe. This is entertainment only.

Professional Facial Editor
Face camera allows you to modify your facial features and create natural beauty. There are many high-quality beauty filters that can be used to create unique styling and a sense of style. Our advanced tools can remove all pores, blemishes, or pimples in just a few clicks. For a stunning look, tap to crop, blur and fine-tune photos. To change the color of your hair, you can use “face”. You can show your selfie with a variety dynamic stickers.

Special effects function
You can instantly change the background by tapping one button. Simply select multiple photos and the photo collage maker will instantly create a cool collage. Pick any photo and edit it with text, sticker or filter. You can remove any unwanted elements from your photos. Amazing filters to transform photos into cartoons with 3D cartoon effect. Cartoonify photos to transform them into anime characters with big heads.

This editor allows you to combine multiple photos into one background.

We offer technology that can identify your photos and automatically delete the background.

To enjoy the joy of editing, manually process the details of your image.

Adjust Picture – Manually adjust contrast, exposure, and brightness by using precise control.

Fusion – Combine images with different lighting and shadows to create eye-catching photos.

Text – Add subtitles or artistic text to an image. There are many fonts and styles available.

Graffiti – There are many brushes that you can use to create graffiti art on your picture.

Blur – Create stylish photos with blurring effects

Templates – Choose from over 100+ layouts and templates designed by professionals.

Beauty – Make your eyes brighten and your skin smoother to stand out in every photo.

Personalized graffiti – Use a variety creative brushes to unleash your creativity.

Get it now and have some fun

Contact us
Email: malick.aiqi@gmail.com

8. AutoCut: Cut and paste background changer

AutoCut is an easy-to-use, free photo editor that allows you to easily cut and synthesize background images.

AutoCut includes many professional photo editing tools such as:

– Smart Cutout – Auto Erase: With just a few taps, Auto Cut Paste will automatically select and extract objects using Detect AI. You can then paste the selected area onto any of our backgrounds.

Manual Erase: For background (traditional) removal of finger marks

Auto Photo Background Changer: Automatically change the background of your photos

Transparent photo editor: Make a picture’s background transparent.

Text Stickers: Add text, change font style and add text

– Multiple Stickers: 500+ Funny Stickers

Get it now! Only the Best Photo Editing App for You
“Edit, Share, and Enjoy Your Life!”

9. Photoeditor Imagecutter

You want to crop the photo in a circle and change the background HD? You would like to add text and stickers to photos. Do you want to add effects and filters to your photos? All you need is to install our photo editor and effect app. All of these features are available in our photo editing apps. You can create any photo you like in just a few steps. Photo background editor offers a sticker store and text line options. Get background remover now to discover amazing things. Our background cutter app allows you to easily edit photos in HD. This photo editor app allows you to edit, delete, and create your own photos. You can combine photos into spaceship fonts or into certain flower fields. All photo editing HD quality is now available. The photo editor and photo cutter app are free to use. To share great photos with your friends, don’t forget photo cutter new Please rate HD photo editor background changer app 5* if you like it.

10. “Adobe Photoshop Mix-Cut out, Combine, Create”

Photoshop Mix can transform your photography. You can easily combine and cut images, alter colors, and enhance photos from anywhere. Send your creations to Photoshop CC on your computer for advanced photo editing.

* You can cut out or remove parts of your images, or combine multiple photos.
* Combine photos to create surreal or fun images.
* Add preset FX Looks to your photos. You can enhance the whole image or a specific part of it with a touch of your finger.
* Your original photos will remain pristine and unaltered by non-destructive editing
* Share your creations quickly and easily on social media.

Do you love photography? The Creative Cloud Photography plan is for you. This plan gives you Lightroom or Photoshop, two of the most powerful editing tools available. Creative Cloud allows you to open, edit, and then send Photoshop files to Photoshop CC. You can also open Lightroom images and combine them. All your edits will be synced across all devices and computers. You can make a change to your Android phone and it will show up on the desktop. Creative Cloud Photography allows you to take your photography to the next level.

Register for an Adobe ID via Mix to get a free account. Your Adobe ID will allow you to track your purchases, memberships, updates, and trial of Adobe apps and services. It can be used to register products, track orders and contact Adobe Support.

Adobe online services, including the Adobe Creative Cloud service, are available only to users 13 and older and require registration and agreement to additional terms and Adobe’s online privacy policy at http://www.adobe.com/special/misc/privacy.html. Adobe online services may not be available in all languages or countries. Users may need to register and they may be subjected to discontinuation or modification without notice.

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