7 Best IP Stressers – Stress Test Your DDoS Protection Measures

DoS attacks are a constant threat for modern companies and if you’re not prepared, it’s easy to find yourself caught off guard if you’re targeted by an attacker. Many of these attackers use IP stressers to launch attacks, but you can also use them to test your network.

Running a stress test enables you to see if your network is strong enough to withstand a DoS attack and helps you see if you need to implement any additional security measures.

As part of the comparison, we’ve looked out for tools aimed at stress testing for enterprises rather than for launching illegal DoS attacks.

Here is our list of the best IP Stressers: 

  1. Str3ssed Booter Our top pick for stress testing. IP Booter supports up to 500GBps bandwidth with dedicated services and a web-based GUI.
  2. Free IP Stress Free IP stresser that can launch a stress test without any sign-ups.
  3. Free Stresser Online IP Stresser that supports up to 1GBps of spoofed traffic and can launch stress tests through a webpage.
  4. MuxBooter Free network stress tester that can simulate application-layer attacks with machine learning.
  5. XYZ Booter Booting service with support for over 25 attack types, with 10Gbps bandwidth per attack, that automatically deletes log data.
  6. DOS Ninja Stress testing software that supports up to 1000 Gbit/s tests with Layer 4 and Layer 7 attacks.
  7. Undisclosed.to Stress testing tool compatible with Layer 4 and Layer 7 DoS attacks, with cryptocurrency payments for anonymity.

The best IP stresser tools

Please note that due to the potentially harmful power that these tools provide, some reputable providers will require you to show proof that you own the device you want to stress test.

1. Str3ssed Booter

Str3ssed Booter is an IP booter that can launch DoS attacks with over 500GBps. The service has dedicated servers and you can stress test servers without compromising your identity. You can purchase the IP stresser anonymously with cryptocurrency. They clear logs regularly to protect the privacy of customers.

You can use the service through a web-GUI. The Web-GUI is easy to navigate and you can go to the network status page to view server performance information. The dashboard is useful for giving you visibility over your stress testing efforts.

Str3ssed Booter is a solid choice for stress testing. Prices start at $15 (£12.19) per month with 600 seconds boot time and 500GBps of capacity. You can sign up here.

Key features: 

  • Up to 500GBps stress test
  • Logs cleared regularly
  • Web-GUI

2. Free IP Stress

Free IP Stress is a free tool that can launch DoS attacks on servers. All you need to do to run a stress test is enter an IP address, port, and an amount of time in seconds. After entering this information on the website, the stress test will start in a matter of moments. The page functions whether you’re on a desktop or mobile device.

From a privacy standpoint, Free IP Stress is good because it keeps your activity anonymous. The only limitation of this tool is that the power of the stress test varies according to the number of users using the tool.

Free IP Stress is a great basic stress testing tool that anyone can use for free. It’s easy to use and provides you with a way to check how robust your network is against attackers. You can test your network here.

Key features: 

  • Free stress testing
  • Run stress tests through a webpage
  • Keeps your data anonymous

3. Free Stresser

Free Stresser is an online IP stresser that lets you launch a DoS attack with 1GBps of spoofed traffic. All you need to do is enter the IP address, port, and the number of seconds you want to run the test for. Not having to sign-in keeps your information confidential so you can test anonymously.

In particular, the stresser is designed to test your vulnerability to a UDP flood attack. Running a test will enable you to see whether your enterprise is vulnerable to UDP attacks. A short test period allows you to tweak your defenses without any significant disruption so you can prepare for potential attacks in the future.

Free Stresser is a tool aimed at enterprises and individuals who want to stress test their own IPs and is more reliable than some of the other more “grey area” booting solutions. It’s available for free.

Key features: 

  • Free stress testing
  • Test from webpage
  • Supports up to 1GBps of spoofed traffic

4. MuxBooter

MuxBooter is a DDoS service designed to perform free network stress tests. It offers a vast range of application-layer attacks including query floods, malformed requests, and applications for protocols including DNS, SNMPv2, NetBIOS, NTP, SSDP, BitTorrent, and more.

One of the advantages MuxBooter has over other tools is its use of machine learning. Machine learning-driven penetration tests use AI to direct attacks towards vulnerable points in your network. Penetration testing with AI is more important now that more attackers are resorting to intelligent attacks.

MuxBooter is worth looking into if you want to run anonymous stress tests. The free version supports 10 minutes of boot time and 300 Mbit/s. Paid versions start at $33.31 (£27.05) per month for 45 minutes of boot time and 500 Mbit/s. Advanced tests require authentication to verify that you own a system.

Key Features:

  • Free stress testing
  • Up to 5.5 Gbit/s
  • Simulate application layer attacks
  • Machine learning

5. XYZ Booter

XYZ Booter is a booting service for enterprises that supports up to 10Gbps per attack. It supports over 25 attack types including Layer 4 and Layer7 attacks. In effect, this means that you can test a range of resources servers, websites, and websites. Testing each of these areas lets you make sure there are no smaller entry points that attackers can attempt to exploit.

The service is protected under HTTPS encryption, and log data is regularly deleted to protect your anonymity when running stress testing. You can also pay with Bitcoin, credit cards or Skrill.

XYZ Booter is a strong IP stressing solution across the board. The only limit is that you can only stress up to 50 hosts a day. Prices start at $19.99 (£16.24) for 150-200 Gbps network capacity, 1800 seconds stress time and one month’s membership.

Key features: 

  • Supports over 25 attack types! (Layer 4 and Layer 7 attacks)
  • Automatically deletes log data
  • HTTPS encryption
  • 24/7 support

6. DOSNinja

DOSNinja is a stress testing tool that has 1000 Gbit/s capacity that accepts anonymous payments with Bitcoin. You can simulate an attack on your network to see how it stands up to Layer 4 and Layer 7 attacks. The simulations launched by this tool are substantially more powerful than other alternatives on the market.

The solution offers 24/7 support with a ticketing system that allows you to reach out to the company if you have any technical concerns. The toll boasts high-uptime so that you can run regular testing whenever you need to.

DOSNinja is a good option for enterprises looking for a stress testing tool with a kick. There is a range of packages available for DOSNinja according to the amount of power and the length of the attack time you choose. Prices start at $15 (£12.19) for 30-45 Gbps for 3,600 seconds.

Key features:

  • 1000 Gbit/s capacity
  • 24/7 support
  • Anonymous payment with Bitcoin

7. Undisclosed.to

Undisclosed.to is a stress testing tool that can launch Layer 4 and Layer 7 DoS/DDoS attacks on your network. It uses dedicated servers to launch powerful stress tests from multiple locations with untraceable spoofed IPs. Stress tests can be launched from a computer, tablet or mobile device.

During testing, Undisclosed.to uses over 10 unique Layer 4 and Layer 7 DDoS attack methods to sidestep traditional defenses. These techniques include TCP bypassing methods that sidestep Layer 4 firewalls like Amazon and Microsoft to JS challenge bypass that sidesteps web protections like Cloudflare and Sucuri. This is useful from a testing standpoint as it allows you to check how robust your protections are.

Undisclosed.to is useful for companies that want to thoroughly test their network’s vulnerabilities and check how effective their anti-DDoS protections are. Free versions are available but you will have to register to find out pricing for paid versions.

Key features: 

  • Layer 4 and Layer 7 stress tests
  • Anti-DDoS protection features
  • Cryptocurrency payments
  • 24/7 support via telegram or ticket center

Choosing an IP Stresser

You never know if your defenses have what it takes to survive a DoS attack until you test them. Running a stress test tells you exactly where you stand and whether you need to take additional steps to protect your network against attackers.

When searching for an IP Stresser we recommend being very cautious about the types of tools you use or decide to purchase. The IP stressing market overlaps with booting (DoS tools) aimed at cyber attackers, so thoroughly researching solutions before adopting anything is a must to make sure that you run stress tests without any hiccups.

One unforeseen advantage of using these types of tools is that it shows how easy it is to launch a DoS attack. Anyone can do it. Therefore it’s imperative to be prepared in case cybercriminals or a disgruntled ex-employee decide they want to disrupt your connection.

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