5 Best Tennis Games For Android & Ios

These are the Top 5 Tennis Games for Android & Ios.

5 Best Tennis Games For Android & Ios

1. Ultimate Tennis: 3D online sport game

“Ultimate Tennis: The Ultimate Mobile Sport Game” You will enjoy thrilling gameplay, stunning graphics, and tons of action!

Ultimate Tennis provides a modified version of the classic finger-swipe tennis gameplay, with an element that allows you to customize and improve your character(s). The tennis rules have been slightly modified to provide an action-packed experience. This means that matches are shorter and more exciting.

The game also features stunning graphics and visualizations that will make your tennis experience one of the most realistic.

You can experience different game modes such as World Tour or League.
You can master up to four special moves to amaze your opponents.
– Play with different players, both male and female, with their own playing styles.
Play against your friends and random opponents in real-time.
– The most realistic graphics in a mobile tennis game to date.
You can tweak and personalize the equipment and skills of your players to the last detail.
Play the game with either one- or two-handed controls.

Face AI opponents or human opponents, and you can outplay them using the game’s natural controls and a series of skill shots.
For valuable rewards, put together a team with different players to beat more difficult opponents. You can use Gold and Coins for upgrades and purchases, as well as points to increase your characters’ abilities and skills.
Download Ultimate Tennis to experience the best tennis game on the planet.

This is the perfect sport game for you if you love table tennis, football (Soccer), baseball, badminton and volleyball.

This option is optional and allows users to upgrade their games via external storage.

Customer Support: https://9minteractive.freshdesk.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UltimateTennisGlobal”

2. Hit Tennis 3

To hit the ball, swipe or flick your finger. It’s like playing real tennis! Hit Tennis is the most downloaded tennis game on iOS with more than 35 million downloads.

– Amazing swipe & flick controls!
You can battle your opponents in 24 tournaments at 8 locations around the globe!
Can you win every trophy?

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3. Virtua Tennis Challenge

Virtua Tennis Challenge is the most intense mobile tennis game with 3D graphics, tactical controls and a realistic gameplay.

You can slice, lob, and hit your best top spin against the best players around the world. You can improve your concentration by playing in a way that matches your opponent’s style. You will enjoy hours of fun playing through various modes, shots, and courts.

Virtua Tennis Challenge is now part of the SEGA Forever Classic Games Collection, which includes a treasure trove full of classic SEGA console games brought to mobile!


Use touch gestures to unlock top spins, slice shots and lobs as well as drop shots

You can adjust your shot to different venues and environments when you compete on clay, grass or hard courts.

Participate in singles and doubles challenges

SPT World Tour: Choose a custom-made character to compete in full seasons of competition across the globe. You can earn money by winning matches and buying your way into more tournaments. Every day in the real world presents new challenges.

Exhibition Match: Choose from any unlocked court or character in singles or doubles mode to get into the game.

Multiplayer: Play with your friends online via Wifi, or face-to-face over Bluetooth connectivity.

Quick Match Mode: Looking for Virtua Tennis in a quick match? To increase your ranking, play fast singles challenges

Training Mode: This practice mode allows you to learn from the pros by going through drills

– CONTROLLER SUPPORT HID compatible controllers

“Peerless control and great visuals make this the best mobile tennis game.” [] – Damien McFerran from Know Your Mobile (March 2012).
“All the excitement and thrills of its console brothers, but with surprisingly reliable controls.” [8/10] Mark Brown, Pocket Gamer (May 2012).
“Virtua Tennis Challenge achieves one key objective: portable tennis action.” [] Derek C. Tillotson (GameZebo, May 2012)

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4. Tennis Clash: 3D Multiplayer Sports Games for Free

Are you a fan of video games? This is the ultimate mobile tennis experience we have all been searching for!

Tennis Clash is an online multiplayer tennis game that features amazing 3D graphics. The intuitive controls make it easy to score.

The controls are simple, but the game is far from casual. High-tier gameplay is engaging, deep and difficult to master.

You can also invite your friends on Facebook and your club peers to practice with you and discuss your best strategies for becoming the ultimate Tennis Clash player.

Tennis Clash features:
– Intuitive controls that are simple to understand but difficult to master.
– All around the globe, there are arenas with increasing stakes: New York, Rome and Paris, among others.
You can collect and upgrade 10 characters and 54 items to increase your skills.
Play with your friends and have fun in real-time matches.
Join a Club to meet thousands of players, speed up your progress, and participate in private competitions.
You can enter tournaments to prove your skill against the best!

5. Tennis World Open 2020: Free Ultimate Sports Games

” Tennis World Open 2021 is now available!

Enjoy the true atmosphere of one of the most exciting tennis games. You can show other players who is the best at the free tennis games to win all tenis tournaments, including the French open.

3D tennis experience! Your knowledge of tennis is an asset here. This will give you the chance to improve your tenis skills, playstyles and moves. You can also enjoy the true pleasure of free tennis games.

This isn’t a free sport game, it’s the ultimate tenis.

You can train and improve your skills, and then come to the tenis court to put yourself to the test! You can play tennis for free!


There are more than 25 professional tenis players around the globe
16 tournaments of distinction in 4 tiers, with huge rewards (France USA, Australia, Great Britain).
Play quickly with your opponent, on a different surface, and choose the playtime and difficulty of match tennis.
Customization of player and gear with exclusive slam reward kit player kits
A specialized training mode for players to improve their skills and tenis ability
To ensure fluent player progress, we implemented the Lucky Wheel and Daily Rewards system
Free 3D Games of Tennis


Career– Play in the biggest sport game on the planet and be the best tenis player!
Quick Play – No pressure, no expectations. Enjoy the sensation of playing tennis.
Training: Improve your tenis skills (accuracy and power, endurance, and moves …) so you can compete in match tennis

Have complete control over every action on the pitch, in a way only our sports game can offer!

The true feeling of playing match tennis is brought to you by natural player movements and precise shooting (lobs, slice, slams). This is the best free sport game you have missed: tenis!

You are in for one of the most exciting match tennis games! You can enjoy all the opportunities around the globe, including in France, Australia and Great Britain. Match tennis is the most popular sport.

We want to show you the true joy of tenis!

Have fun with our free games of sports!

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