Fastest Ways to Gain Minecraft XP and Levels

When you complete certain tasks in Minecraft, like mining ores or killing monsters, experience (also known as XP or EXP) will be dropped as orbs. It is necessary to level up and add useful enchants to your weapons, armor, and tools. Enchants can help you break down blocks quicker, increase the durability of your tools, and more.

What is the fastest way to earn XP in Minecraft The best methods to get XP in Minecraft are mining, smelting with furnaces, and mob drops. This guide will cover each one in detail and offer some lesser-known ways to earn XP.

Mining for Fast Minecraft XP

Mining is one of many ways to quickly get XP and levels early in the game. These ores can drop XP orbs in Minecraft. Items that drop “blocks”, instead of items, will not give any orbs. Mining blocks of ore with the Silk Touch Enchant won’t drop xp orbs.

Tip: Mining nether Quartz Ore in The Nether is the fastest way to get xp for Minecraft. It is as common as lapis lazuli, and it drops as much as xp.


When you remove the products from a furnace, you will get Minecraft xp for smelting and cooking them. You will not receive any XP orbs if you use the hopper to take out the items. If you’re smelting large quantities of items (e.g. stacks of ores, chests worth cobblestone), this is an easy way to quickly gain levels.

Minecraft XP Drops from Hostile Mobs

You will get a small amount XP for killing hostile mobs like creepers, zombies, skeletons and spiders. This is a slow way to gain levels in Minecraft, unless you build a mob grinder (mob farms). Only mobs that have been attacked recently by a player can drop orbs. You cannot drop XP orbs by using fire, lava or fall damage to kill mobs.

Concentrating mobs in a central area where they can easily be killed by a player is the best way to make an XP mob grinder. To get more drops, you might consider building your grinder using a dungeon mobspawner.

There are many ways to quickly get XP in Minecraft

You can also get levels in a few other ways, but they are not always the best.

  • Fishing – Each time you catch fish, some XP is dropped.
  • Killing of Animals: The animals will drop a small number of orbs.
  • Breeding – When an animal is bred, some orbs will be created once the baby animal spawns.
  • Bottles O’ Enchanting can be bought from the villagers.
  • Trading – Trading with a villager will earn you a small amount XP.

PHOTO: Bottles O’ Enchanting is traded by villager traders.

FAQs for Minecraft Experience (XP).

  • Are fortune pickaxes able to increase XP and/orb drops?

    No. No. The fortune enchant will increase your chances of dropping items, but not XP.

  • How do I get Minecraft XP by using commands?

    You can give XP to a player by using the /xp command.

  • What can I do to earn Minecraft XP and level points?

    You can use levels to enchant your items. This will allow you to mine faster and make your tools last longer. For more information on enchanting, visit the MinecraftWiki page.

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