How to access Samsung Smart TV Secret Service Menu

Use a simple key sequence to unlock hidden features and access settings for specific regions.

Contents hidden 1 How do I access the Samsung TV Service Menu?2 How can I access the Samsung Smart TV Service Menu?3 Perform a Factory reset from the service menu4 Limit Samsung TV volume using the service menu

What’s the Samsung TV Service Menu?

The operating system that makes televisions work is often embedded in the software. This service menu remains hidden from the user in both the configuration options on the screen and the remote control. It was designed to be used by their technical attention centers.

For Samsung Smart TVs they can be accessed by a combination key combination on the remote control. This menu allows you to reset the device to its default settings, activate Bluetooth (if available), or limit the volume.

Advanced options are not recommended as mishandling could result in the TV losing its warranty. We will now show you how to access the hidden menu on a Samsung Smart TV.

How do I access the Samsung Smart TV Service Menu

  1. After the TV is turned off, use the remote control to press the following buttons: Mute + 1 + 8, + 2 + Power
  2. Depending on your model, the service menu will be in small letters. It will also make it easy to navigate between the options using the keys on your remote.

Alternate key sequence: INFORMATION + SEARCH + MUTE

Do a factory reset from the service menu

  1. Click Option in the service menu.
  2. Select Factory reset. The TV will then turn off.
  3. Give it a minute, then turn it back on.

Limit Samsung TV volume via the service menu

  1. Go to Control > Option in the service menu.
  2. Activate the Hospitality Mode.
  3. To set the limit, click on Max Voltage
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