How to enable Bluetooth on Hisense Smart TV

Bluetooth allows for the short-range wireless exchange of information between compatible devices. This includes mobile phones, computers and Smart TVs.

There are many uses for it, depending on what device it is being used with. In a Smart TV, it is often associated with the connectivity and sound quality of the audio system. This means that the sound from its integrated speakers can be heard in better external speakers, sound bars, or wireless headphones with Bluetooth capability.

How do I turn on Bluetooth in Hisense Vidaa

  1. Use your TV remote control to navigate to Settings > Internet.
  2. To activate the option with the same name, press Bluetooth.
  3. Next, turn on Bluetooth discovery mode for your Bluetooth speaker/headset. After it has been displayed on the TV screen select the Connect option.
  4. Click on Unpair if you want to unlink it later.

How do I turn on Bluetooth for Hisense Android TV

The Bluetooth function on this Hisense TV is automatically activated because the remote control uses this type of connectivity. You can add Bluetooth wireless headphones, soundbars, and keyboards to the following.

  1. First, put your Bluetooth audio device in recognition mode.
  2. Next, navigate to the TV’s home screen and select Settings.
  3. Next, go to Accessories > Accessory.
  4. The TV will display Bluetooth devices within range of it. Follow the prompts to pair the Bluetooth device you choose.

What should you do if your Hisense Smart TV doesn’t have Bluetooth?

A Bluetooth audio transmitter with 3.5mm inputs is the best solution. It is very affordable and allows us to use our Bluetooth wireless speakers.

These electronic devices can be connected to the TV’s headphone output and sent wirelessly to nearby Bluetooth audio recipients. Wireless headsets, portable speakers and hi-fi equipment are all examples.

How do you add a Bluetooth adapter for your Hisense TV

Bluetooth audio transmitters can be small, portable devices that run on batteries.

They can be attached directly to the TV’s headphone output, or with a 3.5mm jack cable. After they are turned on, pair them with the headphones or speakers you want to use. Once the connection has been established, you will need to activate discovery mode on both devices.

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