How To Find a Minecraft Dungeon

The Minecraft dungeons can be found underground in the Overworld. These dungeons are very useful because they provide mossy cobblestone, mob spawners, as well as chest loot. You can also convert dungeons into mob grinders to get experience, bones, strings, and much more.

You can find Minecraft dungeons almost anywhere underground, even near the surface. I have some tips to help you locate them faster.

Minecraft Dungeons Are Noisy

Due to the presence of mob spawners in dungeons, there will be many mobs inside making noise. Many of them were found by me simply running around my world and digging when I hear loud mob sounds. This is also true for mining. If you hear loud noises, you should dig towards them as they could be a dungeon. They can also be found in mountains and cliffs.

You should pay attention to three types of dungeons: spider, skeleton, or zombie. Minecraft does not have creeper mobs spawners or other dungeons. That would be scary, right? Tip: You can temporarily disable mob spawners by using some torches.

Desert and Beach Biomes

Dungeons may spawn near sandy biomes like deserts or beaches. It’s possible that one created the sand and it fell in. You might find a dungeon if you look around caved-in areas.


Are you still having trouble finding a Minecraft dungeon? You can choose a seed that has a dungeon in a nearby location if you are starting a new world. This page contains a seed that has the coordinates for a dungeon located in a desert.

Map Viewers and Dungeon Locators

Uploading your map to a website/program will give you information about the locations of different structures, including dungeons. This is not cheating. However, it’s a way to locate mob spawners and dungeons in Minecraft. For a complete list of map viewers and dungeon-finder programs, visit Minecraft Wiki.

Minecraft Mods

You can add mods to your Minecraft client that will help you find dungeons. This may seem like cheating to some players, but it’s another way to locate them if you really need. These mods include:

  • Minimap Mods: These mods show the location of nearby mobs on your minimap and can be used to locate dungeons. It’s possible that there’s a dungeon if there are a lot of mobs near your map.
  • X-Ray Texture packs: These texture packets will make stone invisible and make it easy to find dungeons underground.
  • Dungeon Finder Mods: Mods such as Finder Compass can help you locate dungeons. This mod will direct your compass to dungeons.

Note: These mods could be considered illegal by some servers. If these mods are prohibited on your server, you may be banned.

FAQs about Mob Spawner and Dungeon

  • How can I move a Minecraft mobspawner?

    Vanilla Minecraft does not allow mob spawners to be moved or taken up. You can only move them using mods and server plugins.

  • Silk Touch can I be used to mine mob spawners in Minecraft?

    No. No. Silk touch is not allowed to mine Mob Spawners with vanilla Minecraft.

  • What distance can mob spawners take to spawn mobs

    Mob spawners are horizontally spawnable within 4 blocks of each direction, and vertically spawnable within 1 block of the spawner.

  • How can I convert a Mob Spawner from one type to another?

    A spawn egg can be used on a mob-spawner to change the type of the spawner. If you use a creeper egg spawn egg, it will become a creeperspawner. This applies to all spawn eggs including those used by ghasts and villagers as well as animals.

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