How to Install Scorpion Kodi Addon in 2020: excellent streaming contents

In this tutorial, we are going to share the working method to install Scorpion Kodi addon in 2020. This is a video addon released b third-party developers so it is important to first ensure the protective measure, which is precisely the installation of a reliable VPN service before you install Scorpion Kodi Addon.

Features of Scorpion Kodi Addon

Scorpion is a video addon that serves you with links to TV shows and Movies. As we write, Scorpion continues to perform well and the best news is that it also works with a Real-Debrid account for optimal streaming of HD videos.

You can install Scorpion addon on Kodi 17 and Kodi 18 using any compatible platform. Scorpion, like some other relatively new addons, is an Exodus fork. The user interface of the Scorpion addon is similar to that of Exodus. Talking about the streaming performance and video quality, we recommend you integrate it with your Real-Debrid account.

Content categories included in Scorpion addon are TV Shows, Movies, New TV Shows, New Movies and there are also Search and Tools buttons.

Advantages of Scorpion Kodi Addon

  • Simple and convenient user interface
  • Hundreds of Movie Titles and TV Shows including new releases
  • 1080p and 4K quality when integrated with Real-Debrid account
  • Compatible with Kodi 17 and Kodi 18

Disadvantages of Scorpion Kodi Addon

  • Third-party addon and you must use it with a VPN
  • Premium content is often geo-restricted

Install Best VPN for Streaming

Accessing media via third-party addons is often a troublesome undertaking because of the geo-restrictions. The premium content is often limited to a certain region. Besides, you need to avoid legal issues for accessing any copyright protected content unintentionally. The VPN will protect your identity. The ISP and government agencies track your online activities but you can avoid the onlookers by installing a VPN service.

There are free and premium VPN services available but we recommend a premium VPN for countless reasons. One of the biggest reasons is privacy, anonymity and data security.

Steps to Install Scorpion Kodi Addon

Make sure to check the download settings on before installing Scorpion addon on Kodi. This is a simple procedure you can complete by following the steps below:

  1. After launching Kodi, press the cogwheel (Settings) icon
  2. Press System
  3. Keep the cursor on add-ons and check the right-panel on the screen and see if the unknown sources option is enabled. If already disabled, toggle the button to enable downloading files from third-party sources
  4. Select OK
  5. Now, to avoid the repository and the addon to be blocked by your ISP, turn you VPN On. We strongly recommend you to use a Good VPN like IPVanish
  6. Move back to System of Home Page and hit Settings and then opt for File Manager
  7. Press Add Source and then <None> and the system will ask you to type or copy the source link which is:
  8. Confirm by pressing Done and then type a name for the media source. In this case, we are typing Scorpion and then hit OK
  9. Once more, return to the Home Screen
  10. Go to add-ons and then select the open box icon
  11. Go to Install from zip file and then look for Scorpion (or the source name you typed), select it followed repository.scorpion and then by
  12. At the right-top of the screen, you will see a notification reading Scorpion Add-on installed. This is an indication of the installation of the zip files. Once this notification appears, select Install from Repository
  13. Select Scorpion and then press Video add-ons and select Scorpion once more
  14. Hit Install
  15. The system will ask you to approve if you want to let it install the additional addons. Press OK because this is not an option but a mandatory step
  16. The system will take a few seconds to install Scorpion Kodi addon


Scorpion is a fork of the popular Exodus Addon. It is easy to install on Kodi 17 and Kodi 18 and it comes with excellent quality contents.

However, don’t forget no matter how good it performs, being a third-party release, you have to ensure anonymity and data privacy at your end. The best and most reliable way to avoid complications, legal issues, and speed throttling is to use a reliable VPN service like IPVanish.

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