How to turn on Bluetooth on LG Smart TV

LG TVs powered with WebOS are very versatile gadgets in terms of Bluetooth streaming audio. You can connect them to wireless sound bars, speakers and headphones to enjoy a better listening experience that the built-in speakers. They also have a Bluetooth music playing function, which allows them to listen to audio content from their cell phones using either their own speakers or external speakers. These functions can be activated by following the instructions.

How do you turn on Bluetooth on your LGTV

LG TVs have Bluetooth enabled by default. However, in order to pair a new LG TV, you will need to use the remote control to perform a simple process. You can even do it using your voice with the Magic Control knob. These are the steps to follow

  1. Turn on your Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth headset, or soundbar to discover mode.
  2. To activate the Home button on the remote control, press it. Next, navigate to Settings. Select the All Options option.
  3. Select the Audio option from the screen. Select Audio Out.
  4. Tap Device Selection, and wait for the TV’s Bluetooth device detection to complete.
  5. Next, choose the device to be detected and wait for it to be notified.

Use the Magic Control to connect a Bluetooth headset with your LG TV

This option is available if the Bluetooth headset or speaker has been previously paired with the LG television. Simply press the microphone button to make the connection. Then, speak the Bluetooth command. Select the device that you wish to connect.

Install the Bluetooth Audio Player on LG TV

  1. To open the quick menu, press the Home button.
  2. Navigate between the icons to select Bluetooth audio playback. Pair your LG TV with your phone once the player is opened.

This is the final step.

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