How to Install Maze Kodi Build on Firestick / Android TV Box

The Maze Wizard brings to you a whole new set of exciting builds for Kodi. You will find a variety of builds for all kinds of Kodi devices.

The Maze Family build is one of the best builds offered by the Maze Wizard. It is a lightweight and yet highly functional build. It offers smooth performance even if your device specs are moderate.

You will also find several working preinstalled video add-ons with this build including The Magic Dragon, Venom, DeathStar, and more.

We have also included the Maze to our list of top builds for Kodi.

Features of the Maze Kodi Build

Here are some of the highlights the Maze Family Build:

  • It is one of the most lightweight builds (124 MB installation data)
  • Works smoothly on all Kodi devices, even the ones with low-RAM (such as FireStick)
  • User-friendly interface with easy layout
  • Clutter-free interface
  • Comes with several useful addons for video streaming

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Here’re the reasons why you should always use a VPN

Read: How to install and use a Kodi VPN

How to install the Maze builds on Kodi

Maze builds comes from a third-party source. Therefore, it will require special permission in the Kodi Settings.

Therefore, follow these steps first and later we will get to the installation steps:

1. Go to the Kodi Settings

For this, click the gear icon on the main screen of the Kodi interface. It is in the top-left corner.

2. When you see the Settings menu, go ahead and open the option System

3. You must now see the following window

Click the Add-ons option. It is on the left menu.

4. The right section of the same window displays a new set of options

By default, Unknown Sources is disabled or OFF

It needs to be turned ON

Click it once

5. You are now going to see the following warning message

Click Yes to proceed

With this done, we can get started with the installation process

Maze Kodi Builds installation steps

Follow these steps to install the Maze builds on Kodi:

1. We go to the Settings menu again on FireStick (by clicking the gear icon in the top-left corner of the main window)

2. Next, click the option called File manager

3. Here, click the option Add source

You may click Add Source on the left or on the right

4. This dialog box is now displayed

Click where you can see <None>. This part will be replaced with the source path in the next step

5. A new window is now displayed

Here, we will enter the source path

Be careful when you type this URL. Typos will cause issues with installation later

Click OK

6. Now, we need to type a name for the source URL we added above

You are free to choose any name you want to identify this source with

I am naming it Maze

Click OK

7. By pressing the back button or back key you will return to the Settings menu again

When you are here, click the option Add-ons

8. Go ahead and click Install from zip file when you are on this window

9. Find the source name (Maze for this guide) you added a bit earlier and click it

10. The next screen will display some folders

We need to open the folder repository.maze

11. Now, here you find the zip file for the Maze Repository

Install the repository by clicking the file repository.maze

Note: If the zip file has been updated, the version number of the file on your screen would be different

12. We will now wait for a few seconds

Maze Repository Add-on installed notification will appear soon

13. You may now click the option Install from repository on the same screen

14. Here, you will find the Maze Repository that you installed just now

Open it!

15. Open the Program add-ons section on the following window

16. Click Maze Wizard

17. Go ahead and click the Install button in the bottom-right

18. Give it a few seconds while the Maze Wizard is installed

The installation notification is displayed in the top-right area of the screen

19. Click Dismiss when you see this prompt. It appears a few seconds after the installation of the Maze Wizard

20. Click Continue or just press the back button

21. You may now click Build Menu and skip to step 24

If you clicked Ignore, go to the next step to go to the build menu from the main screen of Kodi

22. On the main screen of Kodi, click Add-ons and then select Program add-ons in the left menu

Open the Maze Wizard by clicking it

23. Now, click (Maze) Builds option on the next screen

24. Click the Maze build you wish to install

I recommend the Maze Family Build

25. I am choosing Fresh Install to reset Kodi before installing the build (recommended)

Standard Install is used when you wish to restore some of your existing Kodi data (not recommended)

Note: If you have just installed or reset Kodi, it doesn’t matter which option you choose

26. Click Continue to confirm when this popup appears

27. Wait for the build to download and install. This may take several minutes (depending upon the status of the server at the time and your connection speed)

28. Click Force Close when the build has installed

This is how you install the Maze build on Kodi.

Before you start streaming with Kodi Addons / Builds, I would like to warn you that everything you stream on Kodi is visible to your ISP and Government. This means, streaming copyrighted content (free movies, TV shows, Sports) might get you into legal trouble.

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NOTE: We do not encourage the violation of the copyright laws. But, what if you end up streaming content from an illegitimate source unintentionally? It is not always easy to tell the difference between a legit and illegal source.

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Step 1: Get the ExpressVPN subscription HERE.

Step 2: Click HERE to download and install the ExpressVPN app on your device.

Step 3: Click the Power icon to connect a VPN server. That’s all. Your connection is now secure with the fastest and best VPN for Kodi.

How to use Maze Kodi Builds

To access the build, all you need to do is reopen the Kodi application after the installation.

When you open the Maze Kodi build the first time, make sure you give it a few minutes before you start using it. During the initial minutes, Kodi will configure the build and update various addons and settings.

This is the main window of the Kodi interface with the Maze Family Build we installed

The interface looks quite similar to many other Kodi builds. That’s because it uses the familiar layout where the menu bar and submenu bar are placed across the width of the screen and around the bottom.

The build displays the recommended content when you select a streaming category (like ‘Movies’ is selected in the image above. The list of recommended addons is displayed in the submenu bar.

The build features the following main menu items:

  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Kids Zone
  • Music
  • Comedy
  • Docs TV
  • Fitness
  • Sports
  • Favorites
  • System
  • Power
  • Live TV

To view the list of the preinstalled addons, you may go to System > Video Add-ons

The build features the following notable add-ons:

  • DeathStar
  • Venom
  • T2K Kingdom
  • Exodus Redux
  • Kratos
  • Limitless
  • The Magic Dragon
  • SportsDevil
  • Sportowa TV

Wrapping Up

To sum up, Maze Build is a great option to experience Kodi in a different way. It is a lightweight build with a clean looking interface. It works fast on all devices. It has become one of my favorite builds recently. Let us know your thoughts through the comments section below.

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