Minecraft Copper Guide – Everything You Need To Know

In the 1.17 Caves & Cliffs Update, Copper was added to Minecraft. Copper can be used to build or decorate blocks and can also be cut, sandblasted, and shaped into slabs. Copper ingots are required for certain items, such as spyglasses or lightning rods.

Copper’s unique property of oxidization means that its appearance can change slowly or randomly depending on how long it takes to complete a game. It is possible to stop the process if the player doesn’t want the appearance of their copper to change (more details later in the guide).

Our guide to Copper will show you how to obtain copper, its uses, and the special oxidization process.

How to get copper in Minecraft

Copper ore is generated randomly throughout the world, just like iron ore. It is also rare. Copper ore can also be mined to produce raw metal that can then be melted using a furnace. To make one copper block, these ingots can be combined with other ingots in a crafting grid. The amount of copper ore that is mined using a fortunepickaxe will increase.

Copper ore is found naturally in caves, much like iron.

If you are specifically looking for copper ore, you should look in the same places as iron ore. Caves, mountains and almost anywhere else underground will do.

What does Minecraft use copper for?

Copper is used primarily for decorating and building. Copper blocks can be used in the same way as other building blocks, such as stone and wood. They also have brown (regular) or teal color tones. Copper is an excellent material to build roofs and statues. If you’re looking for an abandoned appearance, copper’s oxidization properties are a great option.

Copper is more versatile than iron and gold in that it can be used to make stairs, slabs, or “cut blocks”.

Copper can also be used for making spyglasses or lightning rods.

Regular Copper vs Cut Copper

This photo shows cut copper blocks on the top row, and regular copper blocks on the bottom row. The left side of the photo is unoxidized, while the right side has been fully oxidized.

You can choose between regular copper blocks or cut copper blocks. This is how to get both the regular copper blocks and cut copper blocks.

  • Copper ingots can be made by melting raw copper in a furnace.
  • A crafting table can combine 9 copper ingots to make one “regular copper block”. This process is similar to making iron blocks.
  • Four “regular copper blocks” are combined in a crafting table to produce four “cut” copper block.
  • Cut copper blocks are more attractive than regular copper blocks, and they can be used for building. For crafting steps and slabs, only cut copper blocks are allowed. You cannot make a regular block into a cut block again.
  • Only regular blocks can ever be turned into ingots.
  • All types of copper can oxidize when they are placed in the world (slabs, stairs, regular blocks and cut blocks).

Minecraft Copper Oxidization

Copper oxidizes just like real life when it is placed in the environment and exposed to the elements. Copper slabs, blocks, and stairs will initially appear polished brown and gradually change to teal over time.

The speed of oxidization can be greatly reduced when copper blocks are placed next to each other. The oxidization process will be significantly accelerated if you place at least four copper blocks between each other. The speed of oxidization is not affected by water, rain, or sunlight. You should also keep in mind that copper blocks oxidize only when a chunk of the block is loaded, and a player is relatively close to the blocks.

There are four stages to the oxidization process, with the first being non-oxidized and the final being fully oxidized. Each stage is unique and has a different appearance. You can stop oxidization at any stage by waxing the copper block, slab, or stair. It is easy to wax a block: pick it up and combine it with a honeycomb from the crafting grid. Then, place it back in the world. A fully oxidized block cannot be waxed as it can’t oxidize further.

Clicking a copper block using an axe in your hands will remove layers of wax from it and make it unwaxed. One stage of oxidization is also removed by using an axe. If you click on a fully oxidized copper block three times with an axe, you’ll get a normal, unoxidized one again.


Player view when they are right clicking using a spyglass in one’s hand.

Two copper ingots can be combined with an amethyst to make a spyglass. Spyglasses are able to be used to see faraway distances better, much like a pirate.

Minecraft Spyglass Recipe

Lightning Rods

To absorb lightning strikes, lightning rods can be placed anywhere in the world. Lightning rods have an effective radius of 128 blocks (java edition) and 64 blocks (bedrock edition). This can be used to protect wooden structures against lightning strikes and resulting fires.

It prevents nearby mobs being struck by lightning and keeps them from becoming stronger enemies (like creepers which become charged creepers when struck with lightning).

Minecraft Lightning Rod Recipe

You can create a lightning rod by using 3 copper ingots arranged vertically on a crafting table.

You can find out more about copper mine on Minecraft’s site.

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