Minecraft Fortune Enchantment Guide

Fortune is one of the most powerful enchantments in Minecraft. This enchant increases your chances of getting drops from certain blocks, such as ores (including diamonds) and emeralds. It is best to use it with a pickaxe when mining, but it doesn’t work for all types of blocks.

There are three levels to the fortune enchant: I, II, and 3. Fortune III is the strongest and highest level. You can make four dazzling diamonds with fortune III on the pickaxe!

What is the Minecraft Fortune Enchantment?

Fortune increases the drops of “items”, but not placeable “blocks”. It will, for example, increase the number of redstone, lapis lazuli, and diamonds that are found during mining, as these “items”. It will not increase the amount cobblestone because this is a “block”, which you can place on top of the ground.

The fortune enchantment was not available to iron ore or gold ore in the past. These blocks now drop “raw metal” and “raw golden”, which are now eligible for the fortune enchantment bonus.

This logic also applies to other aspects of the game. Fortune will increase the number of apples you get by breaking leaves, but not logs. Fortune doesn’t increase experience or drop any amount.

How to get the Fortune Enchantment

The Fortune enchantment can be found frequently on the enchanting tables. Fortune III will usually appear on tools when you reach level 30 in the experience bar. Enchantments reset once you enchant an item at a table. Try enchanting another item to reset the list until fortune appears.

Bookhelves will enhance the quality of the enchantments you see at your table. For maximum effectiveness, you will need at least 15 bookshelves around your table.


  • Fortune does not work in the mining of regular stone blocks. Instead, use a different pickaxe that is efficient and unbreaking to mine stones and then switch to the fortune pickaxe for gold, iron and coal.
  • You cannot apply fortune to gear with silk touch. Since you cannot have both, you will need to choose which one you prefer.
  • For more information about Fortune, see this YouTube video.
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