10 Minecraft Fountain Design Ideas and Examples

One of the most loved decorations in Minecraft is the fountain. These fountains are fun to make in Minecraft. They look great in any garden or courtyard. You can make most fountains with just water, wood, and stone. Complex designs may use glowstone, quartz, or glass. Your fountain will be lit at night by adding a light source, such as glowstone.

Fountains can be used as decorations for roadways and entrances just like statues. They are placed on either side of the road, at the entrances to large buildings and even between skyscrapers.

You need to understand how water flows in order to build a great Minecraft fountain. For more information, visit the Minecraft Wiki water page.

Below is our selection of the top Minecraft fountain designs:

1. Small Wooden Fountain


Although the fountain is quite small, it adds beauty and charm to any room. It’s made with simple materials like wood and leaves so that it can be used in survival mode. Its small size makes it easy to fit in almost any space. The Silk Touch Enchantment can be used to build leaf blocks in survival mode.

This fountain doesn’t have much water (although it could be used as an well), so water setup would be easy.

2. Four Corner Fountains


Another simple one, but this time with more complex materials. This Minecraft fountain was built using quartz, underwater lights, as well as a central beacon/shelter. It is mostly a square of open waters with four fountains on each corner and bridges that cross the water.

These fountains are called the “Fountains of Health” by Planet Minecraft because they contain a beacon that heals players nearby. Make sure to read our guide to making a beacon in Minecraft if you don’t already have one.

3. Modern Minecraft Fountain


Modern fountains are squares, rectangles and have long edges. They are also typically taller than most fountains, and they are usually made of more neutral colors (whites, greys, blacks). This fountain is made with white wool, glowstone, glass, and stone.

This design is modernized by the use of tall edges and square shapes. Modern Minecraft fountain designs often use glass, but this design only uses a small amount of glass at the bottom.

4. Large Quartz Fountain


This design is made from quartz and is a lot wider than other designs. Although it is easy to construct, you will need to be careful with the placement of the blocks in order to achieve the same pattern. You can also use glowstone to lighten the fountain at night.

5. Small Stone Fountain


This small, medieval stone fountain will fit in almost any space. It measures only 3×5 blocks. This fountain can be made in survival mode, and it would look great with other medieval styles like villages and castles.

6. Tall Spiral Fountain


This fancy fountain would be more difficult to build using creative building mode. This would be challenging to build in survival due to the curves and height, but it would be fun for survival Minecraft players.

Obsidian adds a unique color to the block, but it can be annoying if it is placed in the wrong place. Obsidian is very difficult to break.

7. The Nether Themed Fountain

(Source Page No Longer Exists)

This unique design is a great idea for a fountain. It uses a large square slightly elevated above the ground. The square has a fountain in the middle and some benches to the sides. The fountain is surrounded by trees that are planted on the sides.

This design uses only materials from the nether such as glowstone and nether blocks. You could use stone or other materials if you don’t have nether blocks.

8. Small Quartz Fountain


This tiny fountain is made of quartz and has a simple design. Unique spout design that uses quartz stairs to turn the corners. To add some decoration, the builder used flowers around the fountain. This fountain would look fantastic in a garden.

9. Tall and compact fountain


A tall fountain that isn’t too large. This fountain would look great in front of a castle or mansion. This design uses stairs, slabs and pillars. It would look great if there was some lighting, such as a lamp or glowstone block. This would allow the fountain to light up at night.

10. Large Multi-Tier Fountain


This design is a good choice if you are looking for a large fountain. This design is very wide and tall because it has multiple tiers. Because it is more complex, it may take longer to construct than other fountains.

This fountain was built using a Minecraft texture pack. It looks different from the default textures. Although it is difficult to see in this photo, there are glowstone lights underneath the water that make the fountain light up in darkness.

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