8 Minecraft Garden Ideas and Designs

You can make a Minecraft garden a decorative addition to any type of building, including a house, castle, or town. Most gardens are just decorative or a place to relax and go fishing .

Each garden is unique in its size, function and content. Some gardens will include a lake while others have a gazebo and some will have walking trails. You have a lot of options when it comes to garden size. A garden can be as large or as small as you like. When building your garden, you may also need to do some Terraforming. These are some suggestions for what you could put in your Minecraft Garden.

  • Fishing Pond, or Lake– This is a body of water you can fish in. This water can be either natural or artificial.
  • Gazebo is a small, roofed structure that you can place in your garden. It can be used to shelter from the rain.
  • Trees and plants – It is almost mandatory to have some nature in your garden!
  • Bridges If you have small rivers or streams in your garden, a walkway is useful to cross them.
  • Small Pier– If you have a large fishing pond, you might consider adding a small wooden dock to your fishing pier.
  • Cottage– A cozy cottage in the garden can make a great addition.
  • Walkways– You can create pathways around your plants, even if they are made of dirt.
  • Benches– Make some benches out of wooden stairblocks and use signs as armrests.
  • Garden Lamps Make your garden more pleasant to stroll around in at night by adding lights. Redstone can be used to turn them on only at night.
  • Fencing Keep mobs and other players out of your garden to make it feel more private.
  • Fountains A great decoration for any garden, large or small.

1. Fancy Gazebo Minecraft Garden

This Minecraft garden features a shallow circular lake and a central gazebo. It’s pretty cool!

2. Castle Garden Design


A large garden next to a castle or within the walls of a castle is a great idea. There are many castles that have large gardens. One of my favorites is the Palace of Versailles, France.

3. Babylon Hanging Garden Design


Babylonian gardens can be larger and more complicated to construct, but they are still cool. This garden features multiple levels with plants and water hanging from the edges. While this one is easier to construct in creative mode, those who are looking for more challenge might build it in survival.

4. Indoor Minecraft Garden


Gardens don’t have to be outside. This photo shows how a greenhouse can be used to create a garden. A greenhouse usually has a lot glass to let in sunlight, potted plants and tables.

5. Rustic Minecraft Garden

The garden is fully covered with leaves and has a roof. It reminds me a lot of a large outdoor patio that doubles up as a crop garden, with wheat, cocoa beans, and carrots.

6. Massive Minecraft Garden


This garden is almost like a castle courtyard. This would be quite a feat to build, but it is very cool. It is great to see the surrounding pillars, with their hanging greenery, large pathways, central fountain, and flower designs.

7. Koi Pond Minecraft Garden

This garden is smaller and compact, so it can be placed almost anywhere. This pond has an oriental/asian look and is easy to spot.

8. Flower Minecraft Garden

You want a small, but beautiful outdoor garden? You have come to the right place! This design features a small lake, small walkways, fencing, and a small structure.

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