Tomb of Sargeras Raid

Tomb of Sargeras a raid in World of Warcaft is located on the continent of The Broken Isles, in the World of Warcraft video game. This dungeon requires a minimum level of 110+. This instance was released with the Legion expansion. The Legion expansion released the instance. There are 9 bosses in the raid. Unknown is the end boss of Tomb of Sargeras.

You can play this raid at heroic, normal and mythic levels. The Look For Raid tool can be used to find this raid when you are at the maximum level for the expansion. This facility will not be available to you if you have reached the next level after the next expansion is released.

The third raid to open in the Legion expansion is Tomb of Sargeras. It is expected that the raid will be available in 2017’s first quarter. Although the raid information has yet to be released, Nighthold raid information has been made public. The raid instance will be multi-sectional, much like the Heroic and Normal versions.

If you have been through the pre-Broken Isles scenario you will have seen the Tomb of Sargeras. Gul’dan, his Burning Legion kept you from getting any further. The Tomb cannot be accessed as there is no direct path to it.

The Tomb houses the Avatar and the Avatars of Sargeras, the fallen titan who was defeated by Aegwynn thousands of years ago in a battle on the wastes Dragonblight. The spirit of Sargeras can still be found in the Netherspace wastes. The avatar was put in the Tomb, and then sent to the bottom. The Tomb rose with Gul’dan’s assistance over time. Both The Horde as well as The Alliance must travel to Tomb to kill Kil’Jaeden, the Eradar who was previously killed in the Sunwell Plateau at Burning Crusade.

You might be wondering why you’re still fighting Kil’jaeden. It’s because time has changed since you traveled back in time to Draenor during the last patch. Sunwell Plateau was not possible due to time lapse. Hopefully the last boss will be next.

List of Bosses from the Tomb of Sargeras

In this instance, there are 9 bosses. They are listed in the order they were encountered as you go through the raid.

  • Goroth
  • Demonic Inquisition
  • Harjatan
  • Sisters of the Moon
  • Mistress Sassz’ine
  • The Desolate Host
  • Maiden of Vigilance
  • Fallen Avatar
  • Kil’Jaeden

Facts about the Tomb of Sargeras

Zone The Broken Shore
Continent The Broken Isles
Expanding Legion
Type of instance Raid
Heroic Yes
Mythic Yes
L.F.R. Yes
Boss Count 9
Final Boss Unknown

Map of the Tomb of Sargeras

Entrance to the Tomb of Sargeras

Tomb of Sargeras Mounts

  • Abyss Worm can be obtained from Mistress Sassz’ine boss.

List of Broken Isles Raids

  • Stormheim
  • Trial of Valor
  • Suramar
  • The Nighthold
  • Val`Sharah
  • The Emerald Nightmare
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